Over 10 years ago, on a Friday night church service, our Pastor stated that God wanted to give ideas to people to bless families and the community. My wife took it as a challenge. She prayed to Jesus. She asked Him for an idea, and Flinkles Flavored Sprinkles was born. She took the idea and worked on the formula over the next 10 years until it was patented as a trade secret with the U.S. Patent Office. We opened our first store NOVEMBER 2014, in O'fallon, Missouri.

FLINKLES FLAVORED SPRINKLES offers over 60 different flavors of sprinkles year round. We are proud to offer the freshest, most flavorful sprinkles on the market.

Our Flavored Sprinkles contain No Gluten, Wheat, Rice, Nuts, Corn, Dairy, Alcohol, GMOs, Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Harmful Chemicals, No Trans Fats, and are Soy Free except for 3 flavors.

Try us, and see why we say "There is Flavor and Fun in Every One!".